Separating metal/non metals w/ indudive sensor

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    Feb 16, 2016
    hello? hi , i am alyn and i am a student. I just want to ask something about my final year project , could you guys help me about the circuit? My project is about separating metal and non metal object on the mini conveyor with counter. So I just want to use IR sensor on the beginning on the conveyor as my switch to ON the dc motor, then I use inductive proximity sensor to detect the object is metal or non metal . If the object is metal, the sensor as the switch to the small linear actuator and the linear actuator push the metal object from the conveyor.Thus, on the same spot, I also put another IR sensor and connect with the counter to count the object that pass it.
    Do you guys think this kind of circuit can be used ?

    and 1 more think, how can I connect the inductive sensor with the actuator ? i have no any of experience in this kind of connecting sensor in a circuit . Please help me T.T. Just give any suggestion on this, its just a mini prototype of project .
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    I apologize that I don't apprehend your question:confused: ---Do you require assistance designing the sensor or merely the 'electromechanics' of the sorting mechanism? -- Re: the 'inductive sensor': Please note that certain 'cast' ferromagnetic metals (e.g. 'brittle' cast iron), and, especially, ferromagnetic ceramics (e.g. 'ferrite') exhibit 'negative' hysteresis -- hence, if such substances are to be sorted as metals, the sensor must act bi-directionally...

    Best regards and good luck!:)
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    That's why heterodyne type metal detector's pitch goes down instead of up with stuff like that:)! Super high carbon steel like file and also taconite ore also has opposite hysteresis like that! Maybe iron powder core material too?