Separating EE ferrite cores

ian field

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How to separate EE ferrite cores fixed with epoxy
ferrites are lossy enough to glow red in the microwave - that totally kills the epoxy, along with any windings. Sometimes the ferrites fracture as well.

There are commercial "resin disintegrator" solvents, but they tend to take a long time to soak in between the 2 parts - any spillage will probably damage the windings as much as the microwave.

Reverse engineering the original and making your own copy could be less hard work in the long run.


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For small and well opened cores may use a building-worker hot-air gun. However it gives slightly too hot and is too easy to overheat. When core is rather complicated I use the cheap oil of any sort and metal pot on the spiral type oldy-goody electric owen, or kitchen gas (at first a man must eliminate the wife to guest somewhere, other-how risk of divorce - I remember too well how ended a marriage of one my mate studying medicine, when wife tried to check what her man is boiling in their soup kettle, but that was a dead man skull just to sterilize before experiments [:)]). Most of oils boils at 160-180C and what You need are some 5 to 10 minutes. It becomes mild as plastillin and oil is crawling into smallest pores beyound the resin, thus small force while still hot and voila! For hundreds of cores I have succeeded in this tech only couple was crushed at my hands.