Sensor output 3v to ADC 3.3v input of pyboard is protection needed ?

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hello all,

am making a small project of DIY EMG sensor and seems to be good, I need to connect to the ADC of the pyboard 1.1v, just want to confirm that it is safe, powering the circuit with 6 AAA batteries, ground midpoint of batteries (total -/+4.4v), The circuit simply cascaded of AD706 Op-amps, filters and precision rectifier, the signal is rectified then last stage for amplification "Image below", as testing the output never goes beyond 3V MAX (I think AD706 max output "Vss -1.2v"). I know that the ADC is 3.3v tolerance, so kindly I have many questions :
lets first: do I have to make some ADC input protection?
if yes, then I have alot of discussions about, what to do or not ... thanks in advance


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