Sell on Ebay as a set or separately?

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I am considering buying a new drill press. I am just not happy any more with my Dremel and press for dealing PCBs. I figured I would try to sell it on Ebay.

I don't know if I should sell as a set or sell them separately. A set would be easier and might actually sell faster. Separate might fetch a higher total price.

Any thoughts?


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Can you find comparable items on ebay ... both as a set and individually wrapped? That should clue you in on which way might be the most profitable.


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I would sell the press but keep the Dremel tool. They can be useful around the house.

I used mine this weekend to fix a door that shifted a bit over the years. Rather than re-positioning, reprinting, etc, I just ground out 1/8" from the plate on the door jam. Looks fine and took 15 minutes.