Security Camera DIY Project

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Hello, I'm planning on doing a security camera with an OV2640, I know that there are inexpensive cameras with propietary software that do the job well, but I want to make my own, even if that is not as convenient and inexpensive. What I plan is to make a PCB that can process the data received from the camera and send it over Ethernet, because I have a lot of Ethernet cable (30 meters), and receive the data on my laptop.

I would like to use this thread to upload all the design process through time, and get design tips and strategies from you guys.

So, my first question is, what microcontroller can I use? Or what processor should I look for that is inexpensive and that can handle 720p-8bit per channel at 30 fps image data (that would be like 82 944 000 bits/second)?

The camera can send 8-bits in parallel to the processor, so it would be 10 368 000 bytes/second. I would need a processor that has more that 24 pins (those are the pins available from the flexible flat cable of the camera), and that has a clock frequency higher than 10 MHz for image processing, but, if I want to send the data over Ethernet, and Ethernet is serial, I would need a frequency higher than 83 MHz to handle the data transfer. (83 + 10) MHz = 93 Mhz. I think that something that has 200 MHz of clock frequency for its processor would be enough (I think that it should be the double of 93 MHz to avoid overcharging the processor).

I know that I can use a compression format to send less data through the Ethernet cable, but what is more efficient? Processing the image in the microcontroller/processor and later send it to the laptop or sending the raw data to the laptop and compressing the image in the laptop?