I'm not an electronic expert, I need help to built a system of camera for security !

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I would like to built a system of camera for security purpose at home. I have a few 21 pin camera ( from old keypad phones) and a arduino. I need to record the video using all the camera simultaneously for a period of time, like 10 hrs or something and save the video somewhere, like a hard disk or a memory card. Please guide me, if it is possible or not, should I need extra boards equipments or anything. Here is my WhatsApp < Mod Deleted Phone number>
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Is this for real security, or a project for fun? It's most likely going to be cheapest and easiest to buy something already made off-the-shelf. If it's just for fun then we need to know more about your cameras. Do you have any part numbers, or are there any markings on them?


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The first thing you will need is the datasheet for the cameras. You will need to know the pinout of the modules, the format of the video data and the protocol of the interface. What is your knowledge and experience level? Are you capable of writing a driver to interface the cameras with a microprocessor?
An arduino is not capable of handling streaming video data for even a single camera. You will need a much faster more powerful system to do that.


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@Jarvis007 - You're in way over your head, based on your thread title having 'I'm Not an electronic expert..." in it. Seriously, this is a non-trivial project. @KeithWalker is absolutely correct. You need to know electronics and code to pull this together in any reasonable time frame with any reasonable level of expectation of success.

Can you post an image or part # for your cameras.... I'm suspecting you don't have a datasheet because most of those cellphone cameras are proprietary and you'll have hard time finding the correct datasheet- but I could be wrong.