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There was a post about asking advise for starting a career in electronic;s.
Why don't you guy's and girl's jump in with what your day like,and if you happy at what you do. Any perk's like gym,lounge,maybe we can get global view.We have a few member's that love their work benche's.
We have a few that really speak there mind and debate a post
if they disagree.So tell the young guy your working style.Like 4 day
a week,if you are on something important.How high on the latter to
your goal's.Are you allowed to work independant,do you have a
company of your own.What do you guy's do beside's electronic's
and math. BE NICE,ENJOY LOOSEWIRE-Hanging by a thread


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I spent most of today crawling around under desks. At least I wasn't baning my hard-hat on all manner of obstructions above the ceiling as happened yesterday. The rest of today was spent training my apprentice about telephone switches, cross-connects, and what the word "all" really means. Yesterday's training included the difference between "left" and "right." Training apprentices can be like that some days.


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I used to work in Aerospace and we had an on-site gym and private-members club. Then I worked in semiconductors and we had subsidised consumer products and food. Now the only thing we get is hassle!

I couldn't tell you what an average days entails - its a combination of computer work, building stuff, breaking stuff, and meetings, generally. Occasionally I go to conferences, do presentations in industry, and do technical demonstrations.