Seat Ibiza 1.2 TDI E-ecomotive (2012 Model) - back camera

Discussion in 'General Electronics Chat' started by CrAcKeZ, May 31, 2015.

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  1. CrAcKeZ

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    Feb 4, 2015
    Actually it's a big story but I'll try to keep it as short as possible. I have a car as the tittle suggest and I've replaced my stock radio unit with an android radio unit(7" touch screen and many details which don't matter right now).

    What I'm trying to do:

    - Connect a camera so when I put reverse it will show me the back of my car

    Show stoppers:

    - Bad voltage signal? (my wild guess)


    So I've connect firstly the back camera(I replace the license light housing with a housing which has a bulb compartment and a camera in one housing)

    Then I've put a wireless kit 2.4GHz to transmit the signal from the camera to the receiver that will fit behind the radio, seems easy? well now we have issues, firstly without the engine on I had image and from time to time I had some interference might be a wifi, a microwave ...anything right? but when I turn on the engine after 3-4 seconds my engine does a specific buzz, when this "buzz" is in place "signal-lost" and I get no image.

    So what did I do? ..heck I thought lets wire it! I've ditch the wireless kit and put RCA cable to be absolutely sure I won't get any "wireless noise", did it and discover the EXACT same thing.. when engine off signal is stable(most of the times with a little of interference but less than what on the wireless kit and when I turn on the engine after the classic 3-4 secs when the buzz starts ..."no signal"

    I'm really pissed to a point that I'm about to beat someone with no reason(kidding, but I was really pissed). So I did the following, I've put a circuit that I've created in the past for a different project (a 12v voltage regulator with some capacitors) made absolutely no difference - Although my car of has 12.27v when engine is off(measured on cigarette light) and 14.50v when engine is on(cigarette light again), with the 12v voltage regulator it's 11.37v when engine off and 12.00v when engine on

    I'm desperate on what to do, I tried putting external battery(a 12v 7Ah UPS battery) and works as expected ..isolated from the car, no issues at all. Also I do have a small subwoofer under passengers seat that has an issue too I hear the turbo from it! (if I have it 100% volume I can hear the turbo!! ..I mean some might like it but I've put a small one to enjoy a little bass in the passengers cabin not to hear the turbo <-- I believe this is for the same reason as I've tried with a battery and a power supply and has no issues ..although the sub works as expected when engine is off)


    What do you suggest is there a way to solve this thing, it's driving me crazy!! ..another idea if you are not so advanced in this, you can tell me a way so I'll put an SLA 12v 5Ah battery in the trunk(some relay thing) and when I put reverse the camera will get power from that battery(but not all the time, because the battery will need to be charged when it's dipleted)

    --- Do mind that when I put reverse the android radio chances to video mode and there isn't any way to disable that, so it's either "no signal" ...or I get a picture(if you help me and this actually works). Also for the back camera I get power from the reverse light(no wires has been cut, I've created an adapter by buying a male/female back light connector and connect the wires as suppose to be but from my custom connector I draw the wires :D ).

    Please DO help me!! electric/electronic knowledge is limited I'm an amateur :D sorry for the long post
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