SDR or Low Control high bit rate RF Chips?

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Hi All, (bit new electrical engineering in general, so forgive my mistakes...)

In the future I'm wanting to work on a drone project which has long range communications and a video stream. I was always curious how DJI was able to manage it. So I wanted to see if I could at least build prototypes of the same thing.

And I'm a bit stumped on the actual radio transceiver chip, and where to get started with it. DJI seems to use a custom chip which works around in the 2.4Ghz range and switches modulation schemes depending on the distance and the noise. Giving it usually the best connection it can.
I've found that pretty much the best type of modules and chips are SDR's, like the LimeSDR. And the chip that resides on it like the LMS6002DFN. The problem is, while this chip pretty much meets everything I need (Low control, able to configure to how I need, supports multiple frequencies and multiple modulation schemes. Not restricted to a specific protocol like 802.11 etc...) it is rather difficult to get. And the available ones, are damn expensive.

So I'm curious about alternative solutions, if there are any devices that can work on the 2.4Ghz spectrum, around ~15Mbps while not being restricted to a specific protocol so I can customise the bytes and packets I'm sending. And if at all possible allows me to switch between multiple modulation schemes (preferably in real-time/mid flight)?

Otherwise, if there are any decent methods of building an "SDR-like" circuit?
I'm curious if anyone else has come across a similar problem, and what methods they've used to get around it.
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