SCR for charging/discharging capacitor for PEMF

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I found the attached circuit on the net. The objective is to charge C1 and discharge approx. 350V through SCR1 to a coil to ground, thus generating an EMF. P1 and P2 are for pulse delay and output voltage. The supply voltage was changed from 12VDC to 14.5-18VDC, if that makes any difference. I am trying to follow the flow, but no cigar. The 350v from the generator needs to be cut off at some point to prevent the generator from going to ground through SCR1 and just allowing C1 to discharge. I don't see it. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Keep in mind that the person drew this after he made the circuit and it is possible that a line that is connected at one point may just need to be moved to another.



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Did you ever find the solution for this?
I tried building this from the schematic given in the video (Beck), and it never worked.
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