SCK08102MSY Thermistor Alternative?

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Hi all, iv got 2 blown thermistors on my tv, This a Toshiba 75u6763db. odd thing is the tv powers on and works fine but i cant turn the tv off. Pressing the power button on the remote puts it into standby for a few seconds then it tries to turn back on and turns off again and keeps trying to turn on and off unless i press the power button on the remote while its in its off cycle then it will turn on and stay on.
Iv identified the component to be a thermistor with marking of SCK 102 which seems to point to as the manufacturer.
Im in the UK so fastest place for me to get replacements would be from RS Components.
This one here seems close in specs:
10ohm at 25c and 2A rating but seems to have lower power rating and a few different specs which are a bit confusing. not sure if i should just be looking at the ohm and amperage and leave it at that?
Hopefully someone could help me find an alternative that would work. Iv attached some pics.