Schematics or Footprints?


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Can you be a little more specific with your question please. It would be very difficult to answer your question with no context to refer to.


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You do it by comparing them to the datasheets. Long long ago we use to assemble a packet of datasheets when we sent a design to layout. As we assembled that packet of datasheets we'd double check our documents against them. In the days before the internet it was much harder for the layout folks to access those resources because they never bought any of the parts, so reps and distributors would not give them free databooks.


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How do we verify schematic symbols or footprints?
What do you think? You look at them. You have to understand what the circuit is doing, know the components, and then you look at how every point is connected and if it makes sense, it's good. If not, fix it.


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How do we verify schematic symbols or footprints?
When you verify a footprint:
1. You check that it satisfies all the physical requirements for documenting, assembling, mounting and soldering the device to the PCB.
2. You also check that the pins logically map to the schematic symbol correctly.

When you verify a schematic symbol:
1. You check that it adheres to the required (drafting) Documentation Standard (if needed)
2. You check that the pins logically map correctly to the pins of the corresponding footprint.

Most of the information for above can be obtained from the datasheet.

These are just some basic things to do when verifying a virtual part for inclusion in an electronic design.