SBR60A45CT SUPER BARRIER RECTIFIER datasheet help please

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I plan on using this as a motor snubber. The motor itself draws nearly 40 amps at 12 VDC at startup and runs around 19 amps at full speed. I will be using PWM to slow this down, but the BEMF is my main concern here. Using the above listed rectifier, the data sheet doesn't make clear if the current is when both diodes are used in parallel or if it's actually for either leg of the rectifier.

I'm not real good with data sheets, so a little assistance would be appreciated. Thanks.


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I suspect that two diodes in parallel won't share the current perfectly but these are a pair on a chip at the same temperature. Further you need 40A and each one individually is 30A. Even further the current will not be flowing continuously and that rating is the continuous rating.

It'll work :cool: