SAP1 Architecture Design Question, about Increment (Incrementing a register)

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I want to design a SAP1 architecture where i have to create a new operation and op code

Since SAP1 has only
LDA - 0000
ADD - 0001
SUB - 0010
OUT - 1110
HLT - 1111
i will create a new operation which is "Inc A (0110)"
Do i have to add another block ? or i can just use the available blocks?
Since i'm just adding 0001 value to Accumulator, i can just input the 0001 value to B Register then use ADDER/SUBTRACTER to ADD it to the Accumulator.

Am i doing it right? I also looked up for Integrated circuit that has a function of increment, but unfortunately i couldn't find one.

To all SAP1 Veterans out there, thank you