Samsung Home Theater "Protection" mode gremlin

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hey all

so I've got this Samsung Blu-ray/Home Theater system that started to enter "protection" mode a while ago

I immediately it was my half-assed speaker wire extensions, however it was not. Next i moved onto unplugging each and every component until it was sorted, after disconnecting the Disc assembly it fired up no worries; But it cam back about three days ago.

Traced back my steps on how i got it start last time, spent hours trying stuff and no luck. Then i remembered that just before plugging it back in I dropped it....
With all hope lost I embraced my inner ape, picked it up and went to town on the bench.... Hey Presto!! it started up with no issues!

Been doing this for a few months now and getting a bit tired of having to smash this thing onto the bench...
Once it starts, it'll stay working for an unspecific amount of time [i got 2 weeks once]. I have tried tapping each component with a screwdriver but nothing works, other than beating the whole thing senseless

any ideas???

model is HT-H4500R