Samsung Batteries Exploding, More Info


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In the Amp Hour podcast they said that someone (some organization) hired a professional tear down company to tear down the Galaxy. They did and found that there was 0.1 millimeter of space (or some such). That is the space into which the components can expand.

You need to look for the paper/article that the tear down company released. That would be the primary source. Everyone else is quoting them.

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Well if you care to do that then go right ahead. The story linked seems to be good enough.

The other thing i would look into is what kind of material is holding it in place, confining it. We know it is not brick on either side, it is most likely plastic, and plastic does give a little depending on the thickness.
Hopefully Samsung will release their report too.

We might also want to find the other thread in this forum we were talking about this in some time ago.