Running multiple micro leds from a single source

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I have 5no. sets of micro led lights each with it's own multi function controller contained within a 3 x AA battery pack. I is a pain to go round switcing each set on individually and changing the different batteries as needed. Is there a way of wiring all the sets to a single battery and single switch (I do not need the multi function features, just of and on).The packaging does not give any other information other than running each set on 3 x AA batteries.I can rig up a 24V battery but would I run these in parallel or series, would each set need regulating down. I'm sure there is more than one way to skin a cat. Any suggestions would be very welcome.


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Yes wire all the leds to one 5V power supply (like a phone charger,)or 6V battery with one switch in series with the power supply.

Your leds are using 4.5V batteries and probably taking 50-100mA each, so a 1 or 2 Amp psu will do.


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The strings of LEDs can be connected in series (powered from a higher voltage) or in parallel (powered from a higher current).
If you remove the "multi-function controllers" then the LEDs will probably burn out without re-designing a circuit to properly limit their current.


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One question? What functions are implemented in the controller?

Blinking? Chase lights? Multi-color?

It may make a difference as to how they’re wired.