Running Multiple devices (with varying voltages) on a single power supply!

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So I have a project where I'm trying to control 2 sets of LED's independently. 1 set requires 12V to power the other requires 120V. They will be controlled by 2 On/Off Touch Capacitive Switches (which also require up to 5v to power). But I want them all to be able to run off 1 power supply/source (your standard 120VAC wall outlet). The circuit wouldn't require more than 2 Amps. I just have components that require varying Voltages!

Is what I'm asking even possible? I have a diagram I had help in creating for controlling 1 set of LED's with a 12V power source. But I know what I'm asking is gonna require alot more components. Relays, transformers, bridge rectifiers etc...

Any advice or guidance is much appreciated! Thank you