Running multiple motors that have different rated voltage using same source

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I'm making an RC car project and I'm using 4 motors, 2 operate at 12-14 rated voltage and the other two operate at 3-6 rated voltage and I'm using a motor shield to control the motors I want to know how much input voltage I need, and do I have to regulate the voltage supplied to the 3-6 voltage motors? and if so, how could I do it?


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You will be bet suited to use a switch mode buck converter for efficiency. First 'tho, what is the max current rating of the motors you are going to use?


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You might be able to get away with simply using a PWM controller for the lower voltage motors and keep duty cycle under 50%. Keep the frequency of the PWM reasonably high (> 1kHz) so the max single pulse is not going to fry a winding.