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Hi folks, I have a project which uses the 08M2. I am reading the manual but am finding that I don't have some of the background for that, so I thought I'd try asking here to see whether I could speed up the project a bit.

I am trying to time-delay the start of a system that takes time-lapse photos in a very remote location. The system uses 11 volts. I would like to have the system wait for 2 months in a low power state with the 11 V power conserved, and then turn on the 11 V power. The question here is only about starting the system; not controlling the camera. Startup precision needed is just to the day.

I got help here earlier that steered me to an 08M2, a real-time clock board, and a MOSFET. I have put the starter kit together on the Proto Board. I have a Grove DS1307 RTC and a Grove MOSFET.

The RTC has connections labeled GND, VCC, SDA, and SCL. I see that GND is Ground and ACC is 5 V so they go to the G and V holes on the proto board. Looking up SCL and SDA, I find that they are the clock and data pins, respectively. Maybe these are Serial In, and Serial Out (pins 2 and 7), so that the 08M can get clock info in and can program out to the clock?

As for the MOSFET, it has GND, VCC, NC, and SIG. NC I think means Normally Closed, and SIG I think means Signal. Not sure what that means for the pins on the 08M.

I do have some BASIC programming experience, so if I can get this wired I may be able to do the rest, but any help on the wiring would be greatly appreciated!