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    Jan 19, 2016
    Hello friends,

    I own a royal enfield 2002 model which has a cdi ignition.i am planning to perform some mods in order to facilitate the cold start.
    it has an exitor coil which charges the capacitor in side cdi unit,also there is a pulser coil which precisely gives the timing pulse according to the piston position .

    Now in due course of time as the exitor coil( produces around 100-150v @ 3000rpm) winding becomes weak there fore is unable to produce enough voltage to charge the capacitor as a result lots of kicking is needed to start the bike..
    To get rid of this issue i have decided to put a module which simply replaces the exitor coil.The module converts 12v dc(from battery) to 90v square wave ac @ 30khz frequency,this ac output is feeded to cdi unit,what i guess is that this mod would fully charge capacitor of cdi instantly & when kick is applied the timing pulse(from the pulsar coil) would triger the discharge the capacitor through scr tothe primary winding of ignition coil & would produce better sparks & hence better ignition.

    i would like to seek advice from the learned members of the group on the feasibility on this prospective mod.