Roland VA-3 boot issue

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My nephews Roland VA-3 keyboard has the issue at power on, it won't boot; during play suddenly it crashed and refused to reboot again. I want to have a go at repairing it, if possible. It's a keyboard with few buttons but a touch screen lcd to operate it. At power on the lcd lights up white/grey color and 3 buttons with red leds light up. A few seconds later the color of the lcd changes to yellow/orange and one of the leds of the 3 buttons switches of, leaving 2 lit.

I've checked the service manual ( for the factory reset procedure, but the keyboard does not seem to respond to these.

I've checked the PSU, that is combined with the Power Amplifier on 1 PCB. The PSU delivers a steady 5V and 12V, and also powers the LCD inverter board, which works. Also, the analogue circuit still works correctly. There is a RCA input (to play along with an external music source) and this input gets amplified and played correctly through the speakers and headphone jack(s).

I suspect it must be something with the boot procedure failing, possibly a flash rom or something, but I cannot figure out how to proceed or what to check / do next. I've inspected all pcb's in the keyboard, detached and reattached all connectors, but to no effect. No visible damage to pcb's or components, no caps blown or leaking as far as I can see (or smell).

Also tried to detach components (button pcb, keyboard, floppy drive, D-beam pcb, jack/midi board and booted up to see what happens, but same behaviour at all time: lcd lights up, but it won't boot further, never anything is shown on the lcd. Also checked the lcd contrast pot at the rear of the keyboard, makes no difference varying this.

What would be the best way to proceed this analysis?

All help greatly appreciated! Thanks.