RIP and EIGRP protocols

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    As you see on the image I have two ISP routers. On each side runs different routing protocols. In the Region 2 runs RIP version 2(R2 ) and in the Region 1 EIGRP. I need to configure ISP routers so to exchange routing information between these two regions, but I can not. Anybody help me to solve this task. The task I have given is to configure ISP routers on both side with static ip route in order to exchange routing information. I am very interested and if someone help me I would be very glad. Thanks in advance bandicam 2015-03-17 14-55-29-506.jpg
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    I am surprised that no one has responded to you.
    I know nothing about networking, but I'll give it a shot.
    I know nothing of those protocols, but from your post....the idea is that giving all the hosts on each side a static address, the problem will be greatly simplified.
    With the proper permissions and software programs or scripts, you should be able to have each router do this remotely from each web server.
    It sounds like the new guy grunt work job.

    If changing to static addresses doesn't work(Maybe static addresses enables translation between servers?....I don't know) still makes the next step easier. Whatever that is.

    Else they would not have told you to do it.

    Bare in mind......I have only plugged a cat 5 cable in....that's all.
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