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Hi all - I'm making a box for some radio equipment and I'm a sucker for aesthetics. I want to light the interior of the box with these RGB LED's and use the controller for the color. I've attached the two items I've purchased.

The power source will be 12V. I'm not sure if I wire these in parallel or series, and do I need a separate resistor for each color? I want to wire all 10 together.



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The LED's appear to have a Vf of 12V and the supply, also 12V. However, unless the supply somehow limits the current, it's not as simple as just connecting the LED's to the supply. LED's are current driven, not voltage driven so where as the LED is 12V and the supply is 12, doesn't mean that the LED's won't burn out as they'll be venerable to little fluctuations in the supply.

Best thing to do would be to use the same supply but with lower voltage LED's and then limit the current with resistors. Also, yes you would use one resistor per colour.

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They already have a single current limiting resistor on the common lead under the shrink tube. Just need a 12V power supply and you should be good to go..