RF Transmitter mod existing 12v wireless plug

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Hello, so here is my dilemma I need a remote switch that will output 9 V I need this for a spark gap igniter similar to ones used in barbecues it currently uses an XLR cable with a pushbutton switch that sends the 9 V current down the line to the igniter I would like it to be wireless as the cord gets tangled. I purchased A remote plug that basically plugs into any outlet you then plug whatever component you want into it and can turn it on and off via the remote. I would like to mod it for the 9 V battery but there isA relay that is 12 V I am attaching images of the switch and was really hoping that one of you experts might be able to show me if there was a way to either bypass or add/remove a component to make this work thank you in advance and hopefully I can get a response ASAP.E7A588C5-42BD-403B-9813-7527AE61E460.jpg93CFA589-28F1-4075-9B5C-6059A2311702.jpg