RF question (use a satellite reciver and remote control for RC cars?)


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can we use the satellite receiver and its remote for RC cars?
In principle, yes.
The SatRcx receives modulated IR signals from its remote, has a Decoder IC that decides what parameter of the SatRcx it will change for a particular input. You can use the output of the Decoder to control some parameter of the RC car.
You will need the full information of the IR Coding / Decoding of the unit with you.
It will be much simpler to buy a Paired 8 Channel / 16 Channel Control units to do the same.
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Ah so!

On first reading I thought that the TS wanted to send microwave transmissions to a satellite dish in order to steer a RC car.

Now that I notice the phrase “its remote” I now get it.

TS wants to use the IR handheld remote controller.
I would use an IR sensor feeding a MCU to control the car. I have a blog for this.

The TS may well want to use a scavenged IR receiver from a satellite receiver and use it to remote control a car. But I found it a stretch to assume that from the original post.

If that's the goal, the answer is "maybe" and that will depend on how the IR receiver is implemented. But given the amazingly low cost of a proper IR transmitter/receiver pair, and the probable cost of parts to make the scavenged parts work, it seems like there would have to be a motive other than already having them to do it that way.

I hope the TS returns to clarify.


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How is it an RF question (as in the the title) if he only wants to scavenge an IR remote?
Well, maybe he wants to operate at the very top of the terahertz gap. :)

Or maybe he thinks the remote is RF…

Or maybe he is referring to a satellite ground station used to fly UAVs.