Reverse R-2R DAC for Musical Keyboard Input

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Hi folks,
A while back I was struggling with this concept I had, of reversing the R-2R DAC structure so that it works as an ADC converter from my musical keyboard inputs into a binary word. My issue was the switches used are SPST so when they were off, the value was floating and giving false values.

However I recently found a solution to this by using inverters as seen in this diagram (to the right):
In theory this works on the simulation. The issue I now have is that the inverter always outputs a small voltage of 0.1V on LOW and when it’s meant to output a HIGH state it gives just under 5V. Unfortunate this causes an inaccuracy on the binary word… was wondering if anyone had any ideas of how to improve this?


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Use analog switches with very low Rds(on) to switch a buffered precision reference and ground to the appropriate points.