Reverse polarity switch in combo with Cyclic timer.

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Sarah Dale

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Hi, I have wired up a DPDT switch so that it reverses the polarity. Im using it with a mechanical device I built that will switch the switch after a certain period. This all works well. However I do not want the machine to run constantly so I have bought a cyclic timer <> that will switch the whole think off after a period. I don't have a clue how to wire up these two items, and would appreciate any suggestions. The switch is wired thus. <>


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The ">" character has become appended to your URL. It has to be deleted for the link to work.

You don't want the device to run constantly, but how long do you want it to work? How long does it run before reversing?

The device manual (<-click link) shows how to wire a load (your device) to it, so that it operates with the cycle you set on the board. The switching is done with a relay, so in addition to switching the power, it can be used to switch a signal to a controlled device.