Completed Project Resistor Storage V2.0

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Quite a few years ago I submitted this article on the Completed Projects Index. I have since had a stroke and currently no longer have access to my original kit. So I started over from scratch. Since my favorite electronics supplier was a victim of the Covid financial meltdown, I used Tayda Electronics to finish stocking my project. They make the process relatively cheap and painless. My target was 6 decades, 10E0 to 10E5. Even at 1¢ each,and qty 10 resistors each is a total of 240 per decade, 6 decades is 1440 resistors or $14.40 total=S&H.

Resistor Storage 1.jpg

You would also need 2 order of these bags I got from Amazon.

These bags are similar to the ESD bags Tayda uses so you might not even need them. You will also need these labels:

You will need 4 empty cereal boxes for their cardboard.

I use M/$ Paint to make templates. I use 960px X 720px images. If printed in landscape mode it produces 96px / inch quite accurtely. I have included the box templates and the labels in the attached .zip file. You will need qty 6 boxes, print out qty 6 of the file "box cut out" I left ¼" on each edge so you could scothch tape it down on the card board (preferably on the printed side, it looks a lot less tacky that way). Since I only have on working had you will see the neodyminium magnets I used on my squarish metal bed foot board to hold things in place. As you cut out each edge of the box fold scotch tape over the paper and card board edge to bond the template firmly together.

Picture 2.jpg

I used a dull pizza cutter to score the lines and help fold the cardboard underneath the template.

Picture 2.jpg

picture 3.jpg

Cut the lines label cut a fold the box as shown.

picture 4.jpg

Peel the label 10ⁿ and cover the label here marker as shown in the 1st picture.

To make the larger box, tape the prints Large Box Cut Out Left x2 and Large Box Cut Out Right x2 files and tape them together as shown. The template was too large to fit om one sheet of paper.

picture 5.jpg

Eventually I will 3D print enclosures to replace these kludges. Till then, twill suffice. Not bad for a one handed gal, Eh?


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