Reprogram Automotive Multi Function Display

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Hi guys.
Sorry if I'm barking up the wrong tree but I'm already way over my head already trying to find information on what I'm wanting to achieve. I did ask this question in the Automotive section of this forum but to no response, so then thought it may be deeper and more complex than the usual questions there. Maybe this section is more suited?
So what I'm trying to find out is, does anyone know how to customise or modify the information displayed on the center multi-information display (MID) in the instrument cluster on late model Toyota's?
What I wish to do is be able to display a custom startup logo when the vehicle is turned on. I am aware of being able to change the startup and shutdown pictures on the multimedia display screen but I want to be able to do similar on the MID.
If anyone knows where I could start or point me in a direction of someone that could help achieve this I would be most appreciative.
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For security reasons, my friends in automotive systems at FCA say they would NOT let a customer anywhere near their devices for modifying or cloning or really any purpose contrary to their narrow intentions. If you do manage to find info and make the modifications it will be detectable a likely void your warranty, or worse -- brick the engine control. It might expose you to other legal consequences. Be wary and tread carefully.