replacement stomp switch for guitar distortion effects pedal


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Check the ALCO switch section of the Digikey catalog. Or somebody elses Alco switch section. There is probably an exact replacement. Not cheap, but good.


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The only one of those sources that I would vouch for is Digikey. The others might be OK, or maybe not, I am not familiar with them.
Tayda is an excellent company and I usually get my stuff within two weeks. All kinds of stomp box supplies and inexpensive (CHEAP!) 5mm LEDs of excellent quality if you have a project that needs a lot of them or just want to keep a box full for prototyping/debugging. Shipping was cheap but I haven't checked lately. is one of the biggest sellers of Luthier supplies and tools for repair and construction. Odd potentiometers, switches for vintage electric guitars to tuning machines to saws for cutting slits in a fret board. Pretty cool stuff.


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CE468D99-C543-45E0-80CC-0F1D9CD02587.jpegThis is the Taiwan Alpha one from Rapid Electronics (but the 9-pin instead of the6-pin). I think that‘s what make yours is.
unfortunately, it doesn’t have an “approved by MisterBill sticker”.

(and my table is a different sort of wood to yours)