Replace spring touch sensor with arduino control

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Diogo Figueiredo

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Hello all,
In the context of an automation project, I am trying to develop an autonomous temperature control of an induction plate. So, I figure that the easiest way would be to emulate the control buttons to increase/decrease power with an arduino.
In this case, the plate has spring touch sensors. Do you have any tips on how can I remove these springs and use an arduino to make the actions normally done by the user?
Thank you and let me know if you need more information.


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It would be very helpful to have more information about the device itself. Photos, schematics, manufacturer/model, &c.


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Looking at the circuit board that also includes a 4-digit display and four indicator LEDs, it is obvious that there is a lot of logic function o that board, since the interface cable is only five conductors.Without having at least the functionality described adequately there is NO WAY to even consider replacing that board and all of the logic on it. The best you can hope for is to substitute opto-isolators for those six touch sensor input signals, but even then we have no idea as to what sort of touch sense technology that small black IC on the back of the board is using.
Since the board interface is obviously serial you will need to know what is being communicated at what rate and voltage over that wire. And it might even be that all of the control logic is inside that one IC device.
So to automate this system you will need to understand both the temperature sensing scheme and the power control scheme to be able to provide any effective control arrangement.

At that point I suggest abandoning the Arduino idea and use a processor board whose makers use common terms instead of having made up a whole new language for their product.
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