repair my AC adaptor

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Hello, first i apologise for my bad english im french.
My problem is about my THRUSTMASTER AC ADAPTOR (model KA23D200075016G (idk if it is usefull but i put it here in case of...) who was breaked in the shiping.
INPUT: 230V AC 50 Hz 130mA
OUTPUT 20V DC 750 mA
i just need to sold the + and the - back to repair it, but i dont know where to sold them... you can see on the pic how it looks.
i realy dont know anything to that type of circuit, but if somebody can tell me where to sold my + and - it will realy help me a lot!


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In the last photo, it appears that there are two wires connected to the power pins. These have broken off from inside the transformer. I don't believe it would be possible to find where they have broken from. It is not repairable.


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If it was me, I'd replace it with a standard 20V laptop power brick. You can get these free just about anywhere that electronics get recycled. You may already have one. Any such power brick would have a rating far in excess of that wall wart, for instance at least 5A.