Removing switch from ac drill and replacing with rf remote control receiver

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Hi all this is my first post. I am building a moving archery target that i plan to power with a ac drill. I have an rf controller that i used last year to control a solar panel motor to move a mechanism. I want to remove the trigger and fwd/rev switch from the drill and use the transmitter to control those functions. It is a 4 channel controller. It has a 2 wire source and 4 sets of 2 wire outputs. I had a constant from the solar panel motor hooked up to the input on the controller and 1 fwd wire hooked to the first output and 1 rev wire to the second output.

Can someone show me a simple diagram on how to hook up a drill to this controller.


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Also important is how your drill is wired. Do you have that design? If no, what brand and model? Here is a common way such drills are wired (source = Internet):


A DPDT switch inherently locks out the other contacts. The problem with using SPST switches is there is no such lockout, so if one were to press the wrong switches, you could create a dead short. That would be dangerous.

I am presuming,of course, that your 4-channel controller has four, SPST switches and doesn't have lockouts.


Edit: I was focused on using just what you have. If you can add a DPDT relay, then one of your remote switches can be on/off, and the other can operate the relay for forward or reverse.
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I would use two DPDT relays and wire them so that when either one is activated it sends the target in the corresponding direction with one set of contacts while momentarily disconnecting the power to the other relays coil with its other set of contacts.

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I have uploaded some photos. An out of the box pic of the drill. One with the switch disassembled but the drill side wires still attached, a sketched diagram, and the wireless receiver. Im sure this is a simple matter of connecting the correct wire to the correct wire. I can operate the drill by manually rearranging the wires from the direction switch. just dont have the experience to reroute them correctly.



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you need to put the field coil in series with the brushes like this...


using a DPDT relay or switch, thats two sets of change over contacts that operate at the same time, this will reverse the voltage through the
field coil and so reverse the motor..

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Thanks all. I am dumb when i comes to this stuff. I can build anything but when it comes to wiring im a doof. Can you please send me a link to the switch i need, an in the most basic way possible show me how to hook it up with he provided photos. Im greatly appreciative of this. Once i see it completed and hooked up i'll understand what was done. I just cant see i on paper.