Remove DC offset

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Hello all,
I have a DC supply input of 1.1V which is modulated by a 0.6V p-p sine wave of frequency which can be from 100KHz to 10MHz. As a result the voltage goes from 0.8V to 1.4V at the frequency of the sine wave. From this signal, I want is to get the modulation signal only without the 1.1V, that means the 0.6V p-p sine wave only. What kind of circuitry could do that? Could you guys steer me to the right direction? I am trying to implement it in Virtuoso Cadence preferably using CMOS technology.


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Hi Sourav036,
All you need to do is add a capacitor in series with the output, this will block the DC component. The value of the capacitor will depend on the load you're driving, if it is feeding a high impedance 100nF will do.