remove dc offset from signal going into an op amp

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I have a signal that varies between 19V and 17V @ 250kHz. The signal operates in a burst pattern where it outputs 2048 values then stops for a few ms. I want to input this signal into an op amp and remove the dc level. I have a circuit that has a dc blocking cap between the signal and the op amp input. The op amp is set as a buffer, and also has a resistor to ground. So I have a high pass filter on the input of the buffer. The issue I have is that I am finding that the circuit takes a long time to settle if I select values that maintain the signal integrity. If I then change the values to speed up the settling time the signal starts to degrade. Are there any other options that will maintain the signal integrity whilst giving a fast settling time?


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danadak's circuit will work with a fixed offset reference as long as the DC offset is constant.

When is the settling time a problem?
What settling time do you need?