Remotly controlled generators by using mobile

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I looking for a circuit to control operation and shutting down the diesel generators of differant capacities,but no need for synchronization ,the loads seprated.
by using mobile applications and connecting generators operating panels &ECMs to internet we can remotely controlled the generators.
I belive better way using arduino , any other suggestions ?
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If it were me, I would specify the requirements first, in as much detail as you can. THEN figure out which hardware will work. Don't pick the hardware first. For example, what type of internet connection will it have (wifi, wired, cell, etc.)? Does it need to operate on batteries when the power is out? For how long? Any security concerns? Does it need to support VPN or other security measures to keep bad guys out? Do you just want on/off or does it need to provide diagnostic data? If yes, does it have to integrate or interface with any pre-existing systems on the generator? etc..


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MrSftware is totally right! First determine the actual needs of the system..And if there is a requirement for durability and reliability, use something besides a hobby toy to control it. If the diesel packages already are set up for pushbutton start and stop then the interface may be rather simple, but if there are multiple steps to the startup and shutdown then it gets a lot more complicated. And keeping out hackers and telemarketers is not a small challenge either.