REI CCTV system troubleshoot/repair

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    May 29, 2018
    Greetings to anyone that browses this. :) I'm an IT-guy who dabbles in electronics building and repair, but I'm mostly self-taught and so I'm not familiar with all of the "proper" process and methods of PCB terms and diagnosing. I've refurbished hundreds of monitors, but 98% of those were simply obvious burst capacitor replacement. Now to the current project...

    I'm trying my hand at getting our old in-vehicle camera systems back up and running, after neglecting them for some time. It looks like IR failure is a common problem, as eight boards are exhibiting the same problem without any obvious (to me) rust spots or other visible degradation on the board. I have a good board to compare with side-by-side, and the pattern seems to be power loss to one-half of the board. I have a simple 12v automotive circuit tester (on/off light) to determine this, and judging by the dimness, I'm probably concerned about a 5v section. Beyond that, I don't know what steps to try next in order to isolate the issue.

    Second problem/s is/are the many failed cameras within the vehicles. All of them have power, but the majority are displaying a full-screen grey, with the remainder a mixture of all white or black. These are densely packed with three boards, one for IR and the other two as a sandwich with the photo-sensitive chip mounted on one. Again, I hesitate to try to do much with these, as it requires some careful maneuvering to get in-between things.

    Happy to post pictures if possible (my first time on here, don't know the process or limitations) and look forward to discussing how to move ahead. Thank you all in advance!