Van 4ch CCTV and extra battery system

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    Jun 20, 2012
    So I decided to build a little CCTV system for my van. It would be front, rear and both side under mirror cameras. Much like or close to a 360 or a BirdsEyeView system (sans the 3d capabilities). Due to a long (about 60 second) system boot-up time I want to make it a little smarter using a micro-controller. I have drawn up a crude plan of the layout. But I need a second opinion on how to proceed.
    1. For example what should I use for switching the devices like (main battery, cameras, monitor, ...) on and off (relays, transistors,...???).
    2. What would be the best battery for this kind of application( my dvr and cameras draw about 1amp@12-14V) Idealy I would like to get atleast 24Hrs of recordings before powering down to standby.
    3. What would be the do`s and don`ts when working with something like this?
    here is the drawing
    Thanks for reading and any input. ;]