Regarding the stepper motor

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Raj Waghmare

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Hello guys,

I am using stepper motor 12V 200 steps with DRV 8825 motor driver for the acceleration of the device under test in terms of G ( relative centrifugal force) But there’s a problem. While calculating G force, the formula is

RCF = 1.12 x Radius x (rpm/1000)*2

where the Radius is 0.1065 m in my case

and what I found that in full stepping it is giving the exact RPM for 1 G that is 92 rotations acc to formula,
where if I operate my motor in 1/4th micro-stepping, it is giving 80 Rpm. Could you tell me the reason behind it or anything where I can get the exact rpm for the micro-stepping as well? Thanks in advance.