Reducing size as much as possible?

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    Oct 7, 2016
    Firstly hello, my name is Chris and I'm an alcoholic.. wait.. wrong room..

    I need to shrink a project to smallest I can go, to fit entire thing in a case the size of a coffee cup...

    Currently its like this, but now its running on Win10 and Iot, however my finished item for other people will be Win10 only.. my flavour will be IoT with two steppers to add tilt to the table.

    Some videos on my YT channel or blog.


    and both the win10 and IoT version runs on basically the same UWP code, the Arduino accepts both Serial and Serial1 as input, but I only published a windows flavour as coding around the GPIO block is a pain...

    If I remove the RPi and use only windows via USB serial, I remove the requirement to use Serial1, and if i use a servo instead of a stepper and I can use a board as small as a Nano?

    Will I blow things up, or is there some other kind of board better suited to this?

    Thanks for reading and your comments.
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    Well, start with the serenity prayer. :D
    You may need to get rid of the building blocks and design only what you need to make it work.
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