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I have to visit a plant tomorrow which is using RF communication for wireless operation.
They are using 6 RF 433 mhz module of following type
All those 6 modules are separated with each other by 10 meters and TX & RX pair has 2 meter distance here all the 6 modules are set to diff address!
Now the problem is all those modules transmitting signal in continuous fashion not in burst signals, and it is causing problem as module away with 10 meter causing interference in operation with other transmitter!
So i have to decrease range of those modules to reduce its interference, how can i do that???
I removed antenna of transmitter still it has providing sufficient range!!!
I removed that 12V 23A battery and replace it ith simple 9V battery still it is providing that much range!!!
Any one having other solutions?
Can after doing both of above if I make a metal casing to transmitter will it work as that case will suppress signal?
Can i reduce sensitivity of RX?
Any suggestion could solve my problem, so please reply!


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I already told you what the problem is in your earlier post on this topic. These modules were never designed to operate in close proximity with continuously transmitting modules of the same type. Operating these modules with continuous transmissions is a violation of the Radio Commission Rules in your country, and you are subject to being fined for doing so...
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