Rectifier and EMI filter for multiple led drivers

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Teddy Doloir

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I try to make a power supply stage for 2 offline led drivers insted of making 2 different boards. Find in atteched file the design A and B. Could you explain and suggest me what is the best design to follow ?



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since the transformers are !usually! not too expensive the option A
(-1-) you'll loose only one OUTP shoulder at output fault
(-2-) you have lesser voltage drop on rectifier diodes
(-3-) you can use lower power transformers = lower reactance line filters

IF the LED-s are cheap and won't consume too much power the Opt. B would likely be more compact

+ you should in either case limit the inrush currents to transformers and/or to filter capacitors (at startup)
IF your rectifier bridges have parallel protection resistors to diodes you should protect the filter caps from "AC" at no load condition


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You have the transformer shown incorrectly. Wired this way is unsafe, hazardous, and potentially fatal. As such it violates the TOS for this site.

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Teddy Doloir

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Yes i know it is unsafe , but the HV9961 led driver can run with a rectified main voltage. The transformers are choke common mode used as EMI filters, not for voltage isolation.


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