Recommendations for high temperature low wattage TH resistors for 250 deg C operation

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I'm looking for suitable thru-hole resistors.

My requirements:
  • Operating temperature -- 25 deg C to 250 deg C or better
  • Wattage >= 250mW.
  • For low duty cycle pulsed operation, so not too worried about derating either.
  • Resistance value - any in the range 1K to 100K
  • Cost < $3
  • Size: (desirable) length < 15mm

Found on search:
1. Vishay AC01-AT series, this is 1W and overkill. But I may consider
2. Ohmite OX series -- max temp is only 220 deg C
3. Caddock MS126 series -- 1/4W but way too expensive!
4. Vishay ALSR01 - rated 350 deg C, this is also 1W but I may consider
5. Ohmite 21JR series, rated 350 deg C, this too is 1W but I may consider

Any better recommendations? Thanks in advance.