Readout circuit for low-fast pulse light on SI PIN photodiode.

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Im trying to make a readout for a Hamamatsu S3399 SI PIN photodiode (C=6pF and 0.1*3 nA dark current). I have see that examples of circuits but
I have done some tests on a protoboard but none satisfactory.
I have read I need around hundred fectons on current noise for the OPA so I have choose the 380AID and LMV862MM, both are FET (other characteristic for readout low-fast pulse light).

Im asking for some example, characteristic more valuables in this type of circuit or tips.
I prefer to use only 1 opa because if I get confused with a single, 2 or more is worst for me.

Other doubt is about the relay/switch used in last, I have never see this use.

For the last If I want to simulate a photodiode on LTSpice what are the more characteristic components to simulate, I have see that:
example photodiode.JPG

I want to apologize on this forum, I love this forum, there are people here that I personally admire for their commitment and knowledge and I feel very bad that they saw me act like this, but the last time I posted here, I wanted to help with some comments and a person make me lost the composture. People translated literally some expression and they thought I said badwords.
I'm really sorry
Best regards.