Read/writing data from/to Nextion with arduino

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I'm really new at all this so bear with me. In a nutshell, I need to control a motor in a timed fashion. I started out using millis() on the Arduino to create a timer --rather than using delay().
But now that I've got a Nextion display, with its built in timers, I'd like to use them instead.
So now I've got a nice GUI interface on the screen with a slider that sets the timer from 1-60 seconds and once enabled with a button, you see the slider position stepping down towards 0 every second.
It's beautiful. What is NOT beautiful is the fact that I can't figure out how to get the current value of the timer into the arduino sketch. Nor do I know how to send data from the Arduino to any of the controls on the Nextion.
I understand that this is basic stuff, but I've yet to find anything that has worked. Probably because I don't understand the fundamentals of read/writing to a Nextion. Any help would be most welcome. Keep it as simple as possible.