Rc circuit voltage through resistor and capacitor

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The circuits consistis of two resistors in series with a capacitor and the question is to compute the voltage through R2 and C
I wrote how I thought about computing it but I the solutions they had a different result
if you think my solution is true I will see if I made a mistake with numbers
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Looks like you might have the right idea but your math formatting is not very good i dont think.
You want C in the denominator of the exponent and it does not appear there in one of your equations.
Note R*C in the denominator such as t/R*C means this: t*C/R not t/(R*C) which is most likely what you meant. You need that extra set of parens to make it clear unless you state otherwise.
I sometimes abbreviate: t/RC and then state that RC=R*C.
Also, voltage appears 'across' a circuit element not through it. Current appears 'through' an element.