Racing pedals as flying rudder

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    Aug 17, 2013
    After a year, I finally found the solution to transform a set of racing pedals and use them as a rudder with any flight simulator (original thread: Simple design puzzle).

    The issue was not in the design of the circuit that combines the 2 pots; but in the joystick's drivers. When you connect the device to the computer, the driver assumes that both pedals are released, and sets that position as the default minimum possible. But when you want to use them as rudder pedals, the default position needs to be the middle; therefore, since the driver assumes the default position is the minimum possible (pedal released), it is impossible to calibrate the pedals in order to use them as a rudder.

    The solution was the first circuit design I posted, without any additional components, having the GND in one side of the first pot, the +5V in the other side of the other pot, and both pots united by the middle pin and connected to the data (better to both data cables). And the most important part: step on the right pedal when connecting the device to the computer; so that the pedals are in the right place when the driver sets the default position. Then you can calibrate them.

    I also designed a switching circuit to change between racing and flying mode; in case anyone is interested.