Question About Volume Control Problem While Playing Videos

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Glenn Holland

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I'm having an intermittent problem with controlling the volume on my headphones while playing videos in Chrome.

The volume and sound quality (stereo) is OK at the beginning of the videos, but the sound suddenly changes from stereo to mono and the volume drops to a low level. My impression is the sound is being "clipped" and distorted. I've tried changing the sound settings on my computer (both Windows and the RealTek audio feature) and also restarting the Chrome browser, but the problem persists. I've also run a speaker test and my headphones are OK.

This problem happens about once every two months and it seems to go away by itself. Anyone else had this problem and how was it fixed?


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My first suspicion would be the headset cord. Intermittents are hard to find. Most likely at the cord/terminal connections.