Quest for Embedded Systems

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How to best go about learning electronics all the way from Basic Electronics to Embedded Systems ?

Also what courses should be taken and what project should be worked on ?

Any recommendations(series of online courses, YouTube channels or ebooks) would be appreciated .


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How you go about getting the education you want depends on which country you live in. I learned the basics by reading anything about electronics that I could get my hands on. That was 70 years ago so there is a lot more information available to you now on line. A word of warning though: Check the sources of any information because there are a lot of misleading postings, especially on youtube.
Check what basic courses are available at your local community colleges. Once you have a reasonable understanding of the basics, you will be in a position to make your own decisions about the course you want your career to take. If you try to plan your whole education in detail ahead of time, you will waste a lot of time redirecting it as you become aware of other opportunities.